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Our Mission
Our Mission

The merger of two medical pioneers, Coherent Medical Group and ESC Medical Systems, in April 2001 created LumenisTM — the leader in laser and light-based technologies for medical, surgical and aesthetic applications. Together, these cutting-edge companies have the largest customer base of surgical, high-tech light systems worldwide. Lumenis' extensive offering of surgical lasers can be found in physicians' offices, surgical clinics and hospital centers in more than 75 countries.

Our mission today is to be the global innovator of laser-based minimally invasive surgical solutions. We are dedicated to the advancement of products that meet the needs of the medical community and improve the quality of life for patients around the globe.

A History of Innovation

The companies that now form Lumenis have an impressive tradition of leadership in laser and intense pulsed light innovations. As the leader in surgical laser technology, Lumenis lasers are used to treat patients across the wide range of medical specialties from head to toe — neurosurgery to podiatry. From many firsts, to a long list of gold standard products, Lumenis has delivered innovative medical lasers with clear advantages over conventional treatments:

Pioneered the first argon laser photocoagulator for ophthalmology in 1970.
Applied the first argon laser light to the treatment of port wine birthmarks and other vascular conditions.
Developed the first CO2 laser for multispecialty surgical use, the UltraPulse® system, for state-of-the-art aesthetic skin resurfacing and laser laparoscopy.
Advanced surgical treatment for lithotripsy and benign prostatic hyperplasia with the VersaPulse® PowerSuiteTM holmium laser.
Launched the world's leading family of hair removal products: the LightSheerTM diode lasers with patented ChillTipTM cooling tip.
Established new surgical applications in urology, otolaryngology, gynecology, neurosurgery, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, orthopedics and other specialties addressing just about every part of the human body.
Introduced the breakthrough Selecta® 7000 Laser System for selective laser trabeculoplasty for treatment of open-angle glaucoma.
Revolutionized the standard of care for wet macular degeneration with the OpalTM Photoactivator for the photoactivation of VisudyneTM (verteporfrin) for injection.
Advanced treatment for lung cancer with PDL and Lambda Photodynamic lasers for Photofrin® (porfimer sodium injection) therapy.
Allocated the largest research and development investment, more than $25 million, in the industry.

The Versatility of Surgical Laser Solutions

The vast array of accessories offered by Lumenis can transform a device into a highly specialized laser system specifically designed to address a particular surgical condition. With a flip of a switch, exchange of a handpiece or addition of software, a single laser becomes a versatile, multispecialty surgical tool. Through ongoing research and development, Lumenis continues to offer highly focused laser solutions, patient-driven enhancements and a tradition of strong customer service.

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