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AcuPulse 40WG CO2
AcuPulse 40WG CO2

Dependable Fiber Delivery Where It’s Needed Most

The AcuPulse 40WG Laser offers you the ability to extend Lumenis CO2 precision to areas which are hard to reach, even through flexible endoscopes, while delivering superior beam quality for smarter tissue management. FiberLase technology offers exceptional control and durability, with an aiming beam that emits directly at the fiber tip. High transmission allows for faster procedures.

  • 40 Watt laser with high transmission fiber
  • Higher energy equates to faster rate of work
  • Aiming beam
  • Enhances ability to target tissue
  • Low beam divergence
  • Precise & consistent tissue effect
  • 2 meter long CO2 fiber
  • Increased positioning capability
  • Fiber is highly durable and can be renewed
    during a single treatment
  • Energy level and beam profile remains
    optimum throughout procedure and never a
    need for more than one fiber per procedure
  • Handpiece support arm
  • Efficient OR set-up and convenience for
  • Integrated purge air system & optional
    external pressurized purge air
  • Ease of use, convenience & cost-savings
Performance & Flexibility Combined
with Multiple Tissue Effects

FiberLase Flexible CO2 Laser Fiber

CO2 laser application through a fiber is intuitive. Spot size is smallest when the fiber tip is close to tissue; perfect for incision and dissection. Simply pulling the tip away from tissue increases the spot size and reduces power density when hemostasis is desired. When the spot size is large and power is turned up, the rate of ablation increases. 


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